The School Minibus

Rules for using the school minibus

  1. Please be punctual at your designated pick-up point.
  2. Seat Belts must ALWAYS been worn.
  3. Do not attempt to get up from your seat or unfasten your seat belt until the minibus has come to a complete standstill and your driver has signalled that it is safe to alight from the bus.
  4. Behave courteously to your driver and to others on the bus.
  5. Follow the instructions and advice given by your driver.
  6. Electronic games equipment can be used with the use of headphones at a sensible volume or alternatively in silent mode.
  7. Personal music players can be used but only with the use of headphones and at a sensible volume.
  8. Food cannot be consumed on the bus. However, drinks from a bottle with a pull-up dispenser or shop-bought juice drinks with straws can be consumed on the bus. Definitely NO cans or gum.
  9. Ensure personal belongings and all rubbish is removed from the bus.
  10. If your child is unable to travel on the bus for whatever reason please inform the driver immediately.

Driver’s name

Main Driver: Mr Michael Davidson