Upcoming Events

23rd June        Open Day / Summer Fete – all welcome to come along to support our school – children to wear full uniform please


                        Any offers of help before / during / after would be gratefully received

28th June       Whole school trip to Woburn Safari Park

2nd July           Parent Consultations from 3.30pm – please call to arrange an appointment


3rd July            New students invited to join us for class lessons and activities throughout the                             day to give the children time to get to know one another before September.


4th July            Sports Day 10am on the village rec (behind our field accessed via the public                                  footpath running along our carpark) all parents welcome to come and                                            support the children and are welcome to bring a packed lunch and join us at                              lunch time


4th July            Parent Consultations after sports day (during lunch break)


5th July            Standby Sports Day

5th July            Parent Consultations from 3.30pm – please call to arrange an appointment


6th July            Church Service for leaver and prize giving 9.15am at Little Abington Church –                             all welcome to attend

6th July             End of Term   finish at noon


4th Sept           Start of Michaelmas Term 2018


Please note additional school trips will be notified by letter and email.


Friends of Holme Court Meetings will be notified by email and notices on the door.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your continued support, without which we could not do the various wonderful activities with the children.



I would also like to thank all the children for embracing all we do at Holme Court School, it has been an absolute pleasure to show off your hard work and progress to the many visitors we have had this term and hearing their comments just couldn’t make me prouder.