The Curriculum

The School’s curriculum is closely allied to the National Curriculum. However, as an independent school we feel that these guidelines are restrictive and we extend them where necessary to create the all-round education that makes our school unique. The core subjects for our KS2 pupils are English, Mathematics and Science. Our curriculum is broad and balanced and gives every child the opportunity to produce work to their best ability. Allied to this is regular assessment that helps the staff to monitor progress and keep an eye on the relevance and development of the subject matter.

The religious life of the school

Children are taught a religious curriculum which encompasses all faiths. If you do not wish your child to take part in an assembly please let the Head Teacher know in advance.

School trips

The school arranges a variety of trips for each class, and an annual whole

school trip. On entry to the school, parents are asked to sign the off-site permission slip, allowing us to take your child out on a wide variety of trips. Due to the small class sizes at Holme Court and access to our minibus, we are able to support our Curriculum with regular dynamic and exciting trips.

Plays, concerts

Our pupils are enthusiastic about participating in public events. Parents are warmly invited to these.

Careers Education and Guidance

Careers education is a vital part of the curriculum. It includes a work experience programme, which is organised and run by the school. There are links with local industry, community and training providers. Further details can be obtained from School.

The Careers Adviser, Anita Laws, supports the 14-19 Careers Curriculum and attends the Annual Reviews for pupils from Year 9. The Careers Service makes an invaluable contribution to the transition planning process from Key Stage 4. There is also close liaison with the Health and Adults Services and further education providers, for example through regular transition external agency meetings.

Please see our Careers Education Policy