Ethos and Philosophy


The key values underlying the school’s ethos are promoted through the expectation of high standards in:

  • Respectful and responsible behaviour;
  • Initial thinking and learning;
  • Sensible care for health and safety;
  • Respect for property and the environment.


We expect people to address one another politely, to recognise and praise good behaviour, effort and achievement, to listen to one another. We expect children to comply with requests and instructions from the adults in school. We expect children to understand that their behaviour has consequences. We expect children to comply with the school’s structures and routines for promoting good behaviour.


The school’s ethos is promoted in all aspects of its work, beginning with the way people address and engage with one another and through: assemblies; approaches to teaching which aim to raise pupils’ self esteem; promoting co-operative and inclusive activities in the playground; structures and routines such as lining up quietly before moving through the school; the code of conduct drawn up by the children through discussion with teaching staff; Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons.


The school aims to become a thriving, happy special school for dyslexic children, offering intensive education for up to 30 day pupils aged between 7 and 14. We aim to research the best methods of identifying dyslexia, of preventing it and remedying or overcoming it, in collaboration with a respected university research department.