20th June 2018

International Schools Partnership is announcing the transfer of ownership of the Senior school of Cambridge International School and Holme Court School back to Dr. Harriet Sturdy.  Staff and parents of all school sites have been informed and meetings between the staff, parents, representatives from ISP and Dr. Sturdy are happening over the next few days to ensure that the transfer happens as smoothly as possible and with minimal disruption to the education of the students.

Staff at the Senior School and Holme Court School will retain their contracts under the new ownership of Dr. Sturdy and continue on in their roles.

As part of the change the Cambridge International School name will also return to Dr. Sturdy. The Primary school at Cherry Hinton Hall will continue to operate as normal under the leadership of Mrs Philippa Mills.

The site at Cherry Hinton Hall is under application with the DfE to operate under a new license separate to that of the Senior School and Cambridge International School. Once the license is approved, the site at Cherry Hinton Hall will operate as a standalone independent primary school with a new name and brand. We will inform parents, staff, children and the wider community as this develops over the coming months.  Mrs. Mills is looking forward to taking the nursery and primary school forward under its new name, but keeping the same ethos and values that our parents wish for in their children’s school.

Nick Rugg, Regional Managing Director in Europe of International Schools Partnership comments:

“In what has been a challenging few years at Cambridge International School, we have informed parents and staff that the ownership of the Senior school and Home Court School has been transferred back to Dr. Harriet Sturdy. We believe this is the best possible option for the future of the Senior school and Holme Court School so that the students can enjoy their education without interruption under the leadership and guidance of Dr. Sturdy.

We, along with the Senior Leadership Team, will be spending time meeting both staff and families to discuss the next steps. We remain extremely proud of all colleagues, children and students have achieved for the schools as a whole and we wish the schools the very best under the leadership of Dr. Sturdy. As a founder of Cambridge International School and Holme Court School Dr. Sturdy knows the schools better than anyone and through this decision we hope we can help safeguard the future of the Senior school and Holme Court School.”


Holme Court is an established co-educational specialist day school catering for pupils with dyslexia and associated difficulties.

“The aim of the school is to help pupils to overcome their dyslexia by fulfilling their potential as learners and developing as well-rounded mature individuals who are well prepared for the next stage of their lives.” Ofsted 2011

We provide a dynamic multi-sensory alternative to the inevitable constraints of a traditional curriculum, enabling pupils to grow into confident, skilled, happy individuals embarking on their adult life.

All our staff are highly trained, knowledgeable and experienced in the field of specific learning difficulties. We combine a whole school approach to learning with an understanding of each individual’s needs.

“The overall positive and can do approach of the school is evident in the daily routines and enthusiasm with which the pupils and staff undertake each task. The facilities are very child friendly and allow for each child to develop at their own pace.” Inclusion Quality Mark 2008

We provide an intensive programme for our pupils, lasting generally between one and three years. The majority of our pupils are then successfully reintegrated back into mainstream settings, with new-found skills and strategies that promote more successful learning in the future. Where appropriate some pupils do continue their education at Holme Court until the age of 16.

“ The staff has developed specific skills to promote the core skills needed by the pupils as well as the providing a broad based education. The school provided an excellent foundation from which pupils can go on to achieve and feel included in the rest of their education.” Inclusion Quality Mark 2008

Our philosophy is that all children can learn; all children are enquiring; and all children deserve the opportunity to flourish in our small classes and nurturing atmosphere.

Underlying all we do is a commitment to raising the self-esteem of our pupils which we see as a vital aid to their effective progress. Our nurturing family atmosphere ensures that pupils feel at ease and able to express themselves with confidence. “Although the school is not affiliated to any religious body, its ethos is based on a strong moral code of respect for self, for others and for property.” Ofsted 2011

Children’s positive feedback and the commendable testimonials from parents are our measurements of success. Regular inspections by Ofsted have also provided an excellent reflection of the high standards of education.

Over the years past pupils have kept in touch and we are very proud of their achievements and successes.

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All information found on this website is available in printed form upon request at no charge, please contact the school Business Manager Mrs Ingram on 01223 778030